Watermelon Door Wreath - Summer Sweet 流行のアイテム Summertime Decor Watermelon Door Wreath - Summer Sweet 流行のアイテム Summertime Decor -,Watermelon,Door,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,Summertime,62円,maison-du-fromage.com,/libertine1627827.html,-,Sweet,Summer,Wreath,-,Decor,Door 62円 Watermelon Door Wreath - Summer Door Decor - Sweet Summertime - Handmade Products Home Kitchen 62円 Watermelon Door Wreath - Summer Door Decor - Sweet Summertime - Handmade Products Home Kitchen -,Watermelon,Door,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,Summertime,62円,maison-du-fromage.com,/libertine1627827.html,-,Sweet,Summer,Wreath,-,Decor,Door

Watermelon Door Wreath - Summer ショップ Sweet 流行のアイテム Summertime Decor

Watermelon Door Wreath - Summer Door Decor - Sweet Summertime -


Watermelon Door Wreath - Summer Door Decor - Sweet Summertime -

This spring welcome wreath will make a wonderful addition to your indoor or outdoor home decor or a thoughtful gift for that special person or a special occasion. Use it for your own everyday wreath, as a Mothers Day Gift, as year round décor or as your spring wreath.

Made to order wreath with black and lime green colorfast burlap and accented with coordinating ribbons to showcase the wooden Welcome in the center (that is removable). Measures approximately 24 inches. Indoor and outdoor pieces but my wreaths do appreciate a little shelter from the elements to stay in pristine condition. Want something more CUSTOM or have questions? Send me a message...the backbone of my business is custom creations!

  Thank you so much for visiting my shop and for considering pieces that allow my passion to make your home even more beautiful. Purchase with confidence in a seller with excellent reviews and over 5,000 sales between all selling venues. Please message me with any questions before purchasing.

Watermelon Door Wreath - Summer Door Decor - Sweet Summertime -

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Template ETBfit {left: important; line-height: {right:0;} substances. 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