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Metal 5☆大好評 Twin Size Triple Bed Over 引出物 Bunk

Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed, Twin Over Twin Over Twin Metal


Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed, Twin Over Twin Over Twin Metal

Product description



→ Material: Steel

→ Size: Twin over twin over twin

→ Colour: Black/ Silver( can choose)

→ Numbers of slat( upper/ middle/ down): 12/ 12/ 12

→ Function: Bunk bed

→ Decoration: Triple Bed

→ Numbers of package: 2

→ Spring box: No need

→ Assembly Required: Yes


→ Bed: 41.3'' x 78''

→ Total height: 78.7''

→ Top bed weight capability: 400lb

→ Middle bed weight capability: 400lb

→ Down bed weight capability: 400lb

→ Top bed recommended mattress thickness: 6''

→ Middle bed recommended mattress thickness: 6''- 8''

→ Down bed recommended mattress thickness: 8''- 10''

Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed, Twin Over Twin Over Twin Metal

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