Li-ion,/divorcee1627869.html,AC8204,24円,2-Pack,,Battery,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,with,3000mAh,Shentec,Compatible,12V Shentec 2-Pack 3000mAh 12V Li-ion Battery with AC8204 Compatible 信憑 24円 Shentec 2-Pack 3000mAh 12V Li-ion Battery Compatible with AC8204 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 24円 Shentec 2-Pack 3000mAh 12V Li-ion Battery Compatible with AC8204 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Shentec 2-Pack 3000mAh 12V Li-ion Battery with AC8204 Compatible 信憑 Li-ion,/divorcee1627869.html,AC8204,24円,2-Pack,,Battery,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,with,3000mAh,Shentec,Compatible,12V

Shentec 2-Pack 3000mAh 本日限定 12V Li-ion Battery with AC8204 Compatible 信憑

Shentec 2-Pack 3000mAh 12V Li-ion Battery Compatible with AC8204


Shentec 2-Pack 3000mAh 12V Li-ion Battery Compatible with AC8204

Product description

Uses the highest quality Lithium cells.
Overcharge and overdischarge protection to increase the life of the battery.
No memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.
Low self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime.
CE, FCC and RoHS certified, 100% compatible with the originals.
No pollution to the environment.

Product Details:
Battery Voltage: 12V
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
Battery Type: Li-ion

Replacement Battery Part Numbers:
AC82008, AC82048, AC82049, AC82059
R82048, R82049, R82059, R86048
130188001, 130219001, 130446011, 130210004, 130446007, 13022000

Compatible with:
12V Lithium-Ion Power Tools
R82007, R82008, R82008N, R82009
R82009K, R82236, R82237K, R82237N
R82238, R82238K, R82238N,R82920N
R8223400, R8223402, R8223500K, R8223500N,R822350001
R822350002, R822350004, R9010, R9004N, ZRR82235, ZRR92009

It's recommended that the battery should be fully charged and discharged 3 times after you receive the battery.
For transport safety, our batteries are not fully charged before leave the factory.
After use, please charge the battery after cooling.
Battery charger is not included.

Our batteries come with 30 days money back.
You can contact us anytime from the date of purchase, we will try our best to provide you the best service.

Shentec 2-Pack 3000mAh 12V Li-ion Battery Compatible with AC8204

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