Sandal,Toe,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Boys,/demos1849037.html,,Open,Verano,Unisex-Child,15円,KEEN 限定特価 KEEN Unisex-Child Verano Sandal Toe Open Sandal,Toe,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Boys,/demos1849037.html,,Open,Verano,Unisex-Child,15円,KEEN 15円 KEEN Unisex-Child Verano Open Toe Sandal Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Boys 限定特価 KEEN Unisex-Child Verano Sandal Toe Open 15円 KEEN Unisex-Child Verano Open Toe Sandal Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Boys

限定特価 KEEN Unisex-Child Verano Sandal Toe 安心の実績 高価 買取 強化中 Open

KEEN Unisex-Child Verano Open Toe Sandal


KEEN Unisex-Child Verano Open Toe Sandal

Product description

The Verano Open Toe Sandal is a girl’s specific open toe sandal designed for seven day a week usage. This girl’s sandal is built with the idea of open play in mind and is great for whatever playtime may bring. Made with durable, dick-dry polyester webbing and featuring a moisture-wicking lining, the Verano Open Toe Sandal is built off KEEN’s traditional wider footwear form. KEEN products are consciously created using PFC-free water repellent (in applicable styles) and leather sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG)-certified tanneries. KEEN makes shoes to make a difference. From the products it makes, to the actions the it takes, KEEN inspires people to live and work monumental every day. As a brand born for life outside, KEEN has a responsibility to protect and conserve the places where all people live, play and work.

From the manufacturer

kid's verano open toe water casual sandal lightweight breathable summer camp option ouside play Kids children little kid big kid toddler sandal moxie closed toe girls kid’s waterproof sandal comfortable laceless outdoor indoor kid's newport h2 closed toe water sandal kid's closed toe seacamp 2 cnx water shoe kid's stingray closed toe water casual sandal
KEEN Kid's Verano Open Toe Easy On Summer Sandal KEEN Kid's Moxie Closed Toe Casual Sandal KEEN Kid's Venice H2 Closed Toe Water Sandal KEEN Kid's Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Sandal KEEN Kid's Seacamp 2 CNX Closed Toe Water Sandal KEEN Kid's Stingray Closed Toe Water Sandal
IDEAL USE(S) Monday to Sunday summer sandal Summer camp, Playground Summer camp, Water play, Wet hikes Summer camp, Water play, Vacation Summer camp, Water play, Playground Water play, Playground
TOE PROTECTION Better Than Barefoot (open toe) Bump Toe Bump Toe Bump Toe Bump Toe Bump Toe
FAMILY STYLES Kid's Kid's Kid's, Women's, amp; Men Kid's, Women's, amp; Men Kid's Kid's
BREATHABILITY LEVEL High High High High High High
TRACTION Non-marking, higer-grip rubber Non-marking, higer-grip rubber Non-marking, higer-grip rubber Quick channeling disperses water underfoot Quick channeling disperses water underfoot Aquagrip rubber gives maximum traction
CONVENIENCE Wear them, wash them DIY on/off for DIY kids Quick dry Quick dry DIY on/off for DIY kids Wear them, wash them
AGES AVAILABLE Little Kid's amp; Big Kid's Toddler's, Little Kid's, amp; Big Kid's Toddler's, Little Kid's, amp; Big Kid's Toddler's, Little Kid's, amp; Big Kid's Toddler's, Little Kid's, amp; Big Kid's Toddler's, Little Kid's, amp; Big Kid's
CLOSURE Easy-On: Hook amp; Loop Quick-Lace Bungee/Hook amp; Loop Hook-and-loop Quick-Lace Bungee/Hook amp; Loop Quick-Lace Bungee/Hook amp; Loop Hook-and-loop

KEEN Unisex-Child Verano Open Toe Sandal

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