Set,/dedentition1884124.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,,of,Set,Chairs,CozyCasa,Chairs,2,Velvet,Ki,Room,Dining,Dining,118円 CozyCasa Dining Chairs Set Room Ki Velvet 低廉 of 2 118円 CozyCasa Dining Chairs Set Dining Room Chairs Set of 2 Velvet Ki Home Kitchen Furniture CozyCasa Dining Chairs Set Room Ki Velvet 低廉 of 2 Set,/dedentition1884124.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,,of,Set,Chairs,CozyCasa,Chairs,2,Velvet,Ki,Room,Dining,Dining,118円 118円 CozyCasa Dining Chairs Set Dining Room Chairs Set of 2 Velvet Ki Home Kitchen Furniture

CozyCasa Dining 在庫一掃 Chairs Set Room Ki Velvet 低廉 of 2

CozyCasa Dining Chairs Set Dining Room Chairs Set of 2 Velvet Ki


CozyCasa Dining Chairs Set Dining Room Chairs Set of 2 Velvet Ki

From the manufacturer



Chairs Size:L*W*H - 19.9*20.9*32.5in / 50.5*53*82.5cm

Net Weight: 10.6kgs / 23.3lb

Gross Weight: 13.1kgs / 28.8lb

Maximum Bearing Weight: 180lb

Coloramp;Material: Dark Green velvet cover + 32mm round metal tube legs with wooden printing

Expandable Table Oval/Square Table Chairs Set Desk with Hutch Bed Frame Storage Ottoman
Color White White Aqua Brown White / Black Grey / Beige

CozyCasa Dining Chairs Set Dining Room Chairs Set of 2 Velvet Ki

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