Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane 未使用 - Absorbing Height Shock Adjusta Cane,Shock,-,Adaptable,/asbestosis1883830.html,Withgear,Height,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,maison-du-fromage.com,Absorbing,Walking,24円,Adjusta 24円 Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane - Shock Absorbing Height Adjusta Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane 未使用 - Absorbing Height Shock Adjusta Cane,Shock,-,Adaptable,/asbestosis1883830.html,Withgear,Height,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,maison-du-fromage.com,Absorbing,Walking,24円,Adjusta 24円 Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane - Shock Absorbing Height Adjusta Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment

Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane 未使用 - Absorbing Height Shock Adjusta 70%OFFアウトレット

Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane - Shock Absorbing Height Adjusta


Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane - Shock Absorbing Height Adjusta

Product Description

Withgear Adapatable Grip Image

Superb Adaptable Grip

With the numerous research and sampling, WITHGEAR finally completed the special grip design for cane users.

Withgear Shock Absorber Image

Anti-Shock system Keep the wrist comfortably in long walk

The spring inside helps to reduce shocks from the ground.

Versatile Grip Methods of Withgear Adapatable Walking Cane

Instruction image of gripping way

It provides various gripping methods according to the slope of the ground, the posture of the user, and walking speed.

Ergonomic Walking Cane Adapatable Walking Cane Image
Withgear Ergonomic Walking Cane Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane
Both Hands Available X
Max Length 38.5 inches 39.3 inches
Min Length 28.3 inches 27.5 inches
Weight 0.60 lbs 0.62 lbs

Withgear Adaptable Walking Cane - Shock Absorbing Height Adjusta

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