Motown 高品質 Tress Hpr.sera - Persian Remy Human Full in Wig Hair NA NA,Full,,39円,Tress,Wig,/Gerbera1883906.html,(Hpr.sera),Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,in,Remy,-,Persian,Hair,Human,Motown 39円 Motown Tress (Hpr.sera) - Persian Remy Human Hair Full Wig in NA Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 39円 Motown Tress (Hpr.sera) - Persian Remy Human Hair Full Wig in NA Beauty Personal Care Hair Care NA,Full,,39円,Tress,Wig,/Gerbera1883906.html,(Hpr.sera),Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,in,Remy,-,Persian,Hair,Human,Motown Motown 高品質 Tress Hpr.sera - Persian Remy Human Full in Wig Hair NA

ついに入荷 Motown 高品質 Tress Hpr.sera - Persian Remy Human Full in Wig Hair NA

Motown Tress (Hpr.sera) - Persian Remy Human Hair Full Wig in NA


Motown Tress (Hpr.sera) - Persian Remy Human Hair Full Wig in NA

Product description



Type: Persian Remy Human Hair Wig
Length: 13" Long
Style: Straight
Cap Size: Average cap size.

Styling required to achieve the exact look shown.

Color shown is NATURAL DARK. The color you receive may vary from the swatch shown due to your monitor, lighting and the distribution of the color fibers dictated by the style.

This item is being described as accurately as possible and with the utmost conscientiousness on our part. We use information obtained from the manufacturer. Please feel free to ask questions prior to purchase.

Motown Tress (Hpr.sera) - Persian Remy Human Hair Full Wig in NA

Party Games
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