Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real Yellow 商い 14kt GOld 70円 Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real 14kt Yellow GOld Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 70円,/Essenian1431477.html,Yellow,Crown,Real,Earrings,Stud,Shiny,,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,GOld,14kt 70円,/Essenian1431477.html,Yellow,Crown,Real,Earrings,Stud,Shiny,,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,GOld,14kt 70円 Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real 14kt Yellow GOld Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real Yellow 商い 14kt GOld

Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real Yellow 商い 14kt GOld オーバーのアイテム取扱☆

Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real 14kt Yellow GOld


Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real 14kt Yellow GOld

Product description

Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real 14kt Yellow Gold

• Metal: Real 14K Yellow Gold (Properly Stamped, 14K)
• Condition : Brand New
• Finish : Polished
• Avg Weight : 0.8 grams
• Length: 5/16" = 8mm
• Width: 5/16" = 8mm
• Clasp/Bail: Stud

All of our items are brand new and are shipped with a gift box.

Crown Stud Earrings Shiny Real 14kt Yellow GOld

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